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Which should I learn – Angular 2 or React?

Angular 2 is becoming more and more popular with developers. On the other hand, React is a tool just about any front-end guy and gal is familiar with. Out of the many front-end frameworks available on the market, these two seem to be the most popular. Though, the question is, which one is better? Of […]


10 WordPress Plugins You Should Be Using in 2016

  Improving and managing your digital sales, cutting back on time needed to create your content, streamlining your SEO and speeding up your website – these are just some of the perks of checking out our list of WordPress plugins you should be using in 2016. Read and discover your new favorites. We all know […]


Is PHP the most hated programming language?

  With dozens of extremely popular software offerings and millions of programmers, PHP is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. Especially in the world of web development, only JavaScript can match its ubiquitousness. Indeed, there are a lot of PHP lovers out there. But it’s also hard to deny that there […]


Phalcon – a ‚no compromises’ framework

Nowadays, most developers simply can’t imagine efficient web development without using frameworks, which make everything so much easier and faster. But as we all know, nothing is perfect. The bigger and more comprehensive the framework, the more likely it is to hurt the performance of your website or app. However, there is the Phalcon framework, […]