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Artists Everywhere

Artists Everywhere / custom web applications

It’s a unique social media site dedicated to artists and sportspeople that seek employment and career opportunities. The app is integrated with a number of popular social sites, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud and Pinterest. Each user has a digital influence score based on the number of followers from all of their social […]

Air Display

Air Display / custom web applications

Air Display is an online presentation editor and displays manager. Polcode was responsible for the whole project (including Java desktop applications for OSX, Ubuntu, Windows and the web application with SOAP/Json API). The most interesting part was building the Android application. We developed a twin application for this operating system. It integrates a display device […]

Jersey Taxis

Jersey Taxis / custom web applications

This project involved developing two iOS applications. The first one, used by clients, enables them to order a taxi to the current location, trace the taxi route and see the ETA. After the ride the clients can pay by a prepaid card and rate the ride. Also, they can top-up the card by PayPal account […]


SNAP / custom web applications

We developed part of the patient registration system for medical practices, allowing staff to give patient an iPad to fill the forms, send them to the server to be further reviewed and processed by the staff, allowing also the patient to read materials regarding medical subjects they are interested in. The system consists of four […]


iFindCheaters / custom web applications

iFindCheaters was created to help all those who wish to find out whether their partner is cheating on them using dating networks. The service searches over 70 popular dating sites from the US and all over the world. It generates a detailed report on all the accounts that use the very same data as provided […]


Zykloid / custom web applications

Zykloid is known for producing iOS apps. Posterino, one of its most popular offerings, allows you to create stunning collages of your own photos. You can easily change the layout, frames and filters. The poster-worthy final product is ready for viewing and sharing in just a few minutes. Zykloid’s other popular app, SnippetMind, gives its […]


BaoBae / e-commerce

BaoBae provides a place for small retailers and local designers to sell all kinds of products for babies and mums. All items can be searched either by particular product categories or by retailers. Polcode was tasked with moving the entire platform from a custom-made system to Magento. Since the original solution had no automatic way […]


Ringadoc / custom web applications

Ringadoc is an innovative service for doctors that allows them to handle after-hour calls from their patients more effectively. An automated process makes sure that only urgent calls receive an immediate response, while at the same time all calls are registered in an interactive calendar. The ultimate goal is to provide patients with access to […]

Student Mundial

Student Mundial / custom web applications

Student Mundial is a service that makes it easy to book accommodation, housing and apartments for people interested in studying abroad. You can find the perfect and affordable place to stay thanks to the multitude of matching options and no booking fees. Additionally, the student only pays after they’ve actually arrived at the place. The […]


Riskanner / custom web applications

The Riskanner platform allows its users to learn more about themselves – their weaknesses, strengths, propensity to take risks in financial investment decisions, etc. At first, the user is asked to fill out all sorts of psychological tests. Based on their results, the application generates charts and reports. It’s also possible to share the test […]

Polcode Library

Polcode Library / custom web applications

It has been our goal for quite a while to make our growing collection of books on web development, eCommerce and a variety of other topics available to every Polcode employee. With five offices in Poland, we needed a way to organize the process of loaning books in an orderly fashion. At the same time, […]


Yourcare / custom web applications

YourCare is a social network for people with disabilities and other health problems. It is also a place for doctors, physicians, therapists and other service providers for disabled people (such as anti-slip flooring) to advertise themselves. The platform required many changes in order to improve its efficiency on both the client- and server-side. Our team […]


Lovalight / e-commerce

Lovalight is a Belgium-based company, which sells design lighting. Regardless of your budget and what kind of lighting you’re into, Lovalight has got you covered with contemporary and quality light fittings at very competitive prices. And what’s best, you can see and purchase their entire lighting catalogue online. Since Lovalight is growing at an incredibly […]

Panty Postman

Panty Postman / e-commerce

If you’re shopping for knickers, Panty Postman is your go-to place. The platform claims to take the hassle out of shopping for knickers. It does so by offering you a subscription plan that allows you to get a new piece of one size fits all knickers every month. A platform like this needs a really […]

Best Tours

Best Tours / custom web applications

Best Tours offers “off and on the beaten track” tours to some of the world’s most popular cities. It is also a very attractive affiliate program that allows you to earn commissions on every person that completes a purchase you recommended. The mechanism is simple. You generate a code snippet and place it on your […]


ZMR / custom web applications

ZMR is a management platform for dental health clinics. Despite being a web application, ZMR strives to incorporate all the best and most advanced features of desktop solutions. And our Polcode team was in charge of making this happen. The ZMR app was written in PHP, but still reflects many of the most current web […]


UpStudy / custom web applications

UpStudy is an online learning platform that makes it much easier for students to prepare for all sorts of exams and assessments. It does so by streamlining the time management of the entire studying process as well as providing a system of intrinsic and extrinsic rewards to keep them motivated. Polcode has accompanied UpStudy from […]


Appetize / custom web applications

Appetize is a go-to place for enterprise point-of-sale hardware and software. Be it for sports and entertainment, education or leisure, Appetize provides easy to use and highly customizable hardware solutions and applications that manage the entire process and facilitate mobile payments. With 350 major venues worldwide that use their solutions amounting to hundreds of millions […]


Scandlearn / custom web applications

Scandlearn is a company from the online training industry. They design virtual and classroom based professional courses where users can study and increase their knowledge in the fields of aviation, business and digital media. Scandlearn’s business model has already proved successful, as their services have been chosen by over 400 companies around the globe, including […]


Beeup / custom web applications

Beeup is a service that allows to create online business trainings, based on real life situations. The application includes a system for creating courses, quizzes and a CMS as well. Our work in the project included programming new modules and new design implementation with one of the most interesting new features being gamification. Here users […]


Tangram / custom web applications

Tangram is an innovative consulting company from Australia that helps to solve problems faced by creative businesses. With their expertise in workflow planning and software implementation they work to find the right solution for each client. We were approached by Tangram a few months back and tasked with building a custom website based on the […]


Risefy / custom web applications

Service marketplace, all-in-one collaboration tool, and secure invoicing system all under one roof. This hybrid platform was designed to help businesses of all sizes achieve marketing excellence. You can collaborate easily by using a team based communication, file sharing and task-oriented objectives. The app provides extremely intuitive tools to post projects, review proposals and hire […]


Museeka / custom web applications

Museeka is a subscription based on-demand music streaming application for both the iPhone and the web. One of its key features is a music recommendation engine that extracts core musical features of a song, analyses them and then finds songs with similar musical features in the ever expanding collection of music. Our part involved the […]

Easton Cycling

Easton Cycling / e-commerce

Easton Cycling is a producer of high-end equipment for all forms of bicycling. Our client wanted to enrich the e-commerce capabilities of the website with complete technical details and product reviews. The website features complex product detail pages, and multiple language versions and regions are based on one WordPress installation combined with Magento. Each combination […]

Easton Lacrosse

Easton Lacrosse / e-commerce

Easton LaCrosse is a branch of EastonSports, a leading producer of sports equipment in the USA. The website was developed with the use of WordPress. It includes a lot of tools and customizations, such as Magento e-Commerce, BuddyPress, and WordPress plugins, and its structure allows for easy modifications even by our Client’s non-technical team members. […]

Easton Hockey

Easton Hockey / e-commerce

Easton Hockey’s website was based on WordPress, along with a number of its plugins, and BuddyPress, its social networking extension. The structure of the site allows the Client’s team to make updates to the site, e.g. add a new product or player, publish news items, create new pages in multiple languages, or create forms to […]

Easton Baseball

Easton Baseball / e-commerce

Blogs.EastonBaseball.com is a great example of using WordPress MU to develop a site with complexity that is easy to use for a non-technical writer. Each blog on this site has its own personality. The graphic design of the home page of Blogs.EastonBaseball.com is different from that of each of the individual blogs. Each individual blog […]

Used Kitesurf

Used Kitesurf / e-commerce

Used Kitesurf is a portal dedicated to kitesurfing, a sport that is constantly growing in popularity. The website contains ads of new and used kitesurfing equipment. Also, it offers an RSS channel with the latest news from the world of kitesurfing.


Telesign / e-commerce

TeleSign is a company offering telephone authorization services for online applications. We developed TeleSign’s website and an array of modules that allow integration of the services with various systems, including, but not limited to, Magento, osCommerce and WHMCS. We continued the cooperation for more than two years – the ongoing support included modifications to the […]

Rug Pad USA

Rug Pad USA / e-commerce

Rug Pad USA is a company offering a large selection of Persian and oriental rug pads. They run a successful online store, and, together with the growing demand for its products, new needs for extending its functionalities emerge. The store owners contacted us so that we build an advanced feature that would allow custom cuts […]

Revenue Shark

Revenue Shark / custom web applications

We created Revenue Shark – a complex application that allows customers to get unique business phone numbers, advertise them and make profits from incoming calls. It lets users pick a number they want and then grants them access to the detailed statistics, where they can keep track of their earnings.

Job Page

Job Page / custom web applications

Job Page is a complex, multifunctional website dedicated to career advisory and professional development and adressed mainly to British users. In short time the number of the website’s registered users increased to 20,000 candidates and 2,000 employers. What distinguishes the website from others of its kind is a comfortable job post search engine and user-friendly […]


Freckle / custom web applications

Freckle is a popular time-tracking application conceived and developed by Polcode and a very well-known team: Amy Hoy and Thomas Fuchs – important RoR world personalities. It boasts many additional features and a generally more flexible approach to time tracking, taking into account all activities, not necessarily fully related to billed work. It could be […]

Designer Wallpapers

Designer Wallpapers / e-commerce

This project required a lot of very careful coding and design. It involved building a completely customized warehouse system in the admin panel created from scratch. A new shipping module was developed especially for the store, where the shipping rates calculating factors were modified: weight and size of the product (the default Magento table rate […]


Canncast / custom web applications

CannCast.com is an online marketplace for dispensary buyers and providers of cannabis – based medicines, offering the strategies that would help identify and categorize cannabis products. The website allows the dispensaries to request the medicine they need and Providers to list the medicine they have.

Blue Plate

Blue Plate / custom web applications

We used one installation of WordPress to set up two websites for our client. Both of them have dynamically updated news and events sections on homepage and fully functional and intuitive admin panel.

47 Diamonds

47 Diamonds / e-commerce

At the request of The 47th Diamond company we implemented efficient fraud protection – PhoneID Lookups by Telesign. With the help of this internal use program our client is certain that the data provided by its users is coherent and true.

Coastal Urge

Coastal Urge / e-commerce

Coastal Urge e-store offers a wide range of beach clothing and gear in the US market. The store website was based on Magento platform, modified as per our client’s instructions, and integrated with external QuickBooks invoicing software. We were responsible for the installation of the system on the client’s servers and its further development and […]

Bid 4 Calls

Bid 4 Calls / custom web applications

The application allows you to bid for calls from customers seeking your service within your designated area. Bids can be adjusted in real time so you are only receiving calls during the hours and for the location you have set. And because businesses are bidding for calls, the directory assistance is free for customers and […]


  • We have been working with Polcode prior to our inception as SUMO, for approximately five years. Working closely with their top developers and account managers we have launched and maintained many sites such as Luggage Online, Midwest Supplies, and TYR. We would highly recommend working with Polcode for any project. Their developers are highly skilled in a vast array of programming languages, and their communication is constant. On a daily basis, they adapt to our tools and are completely transparent about our working relationship.

    Robert Bordie, CTO, SUMO Heavy Industries

  • We have worked with Polcode for almost 4 years to outsource many of our web and application development needs. Compared to other outsourced developers we’ve worked with, Polcode has skilled and knowledeable PHP developers that work hard and care about their clients. We would happily recommend Polcode if you are looking to outsource development labour overseas.

    Paul Shiffman, SAV Technology

  • Finding a good IT company is extremely difficult. We had "kissed a lot of IT frogs" before we found our "IT prince". Polcode are different. They are upfront, are willing to say what is possible within a budget and what is not, and most importantly, they are trustworthy. They have delivered a tailored and bespoke website for us very cost effectively. I recommend that you use Polcode. They have given ongoing support to resolve any outstanding issues and to fix any bugs that inevitably occur when a site goes live. It's a relief to be able to leave all those "IT frogs" on their silicon lily-pads!

    Paul Mander-O’Beirne, Managing Director at Bike Leasing Company Ltd.

  • Polcode is a very trustworthy business partner who understand your needs and concerns. They hava a broad team of highly skilled programmers and webdevelopers who can jalep you with all your needs. I believe this to be a great advantage. They are also reasonable priced and it is weasy to communicate directly with your programmer via Skype. I would therefore recommend Polcode for your Magento project.

    Paul Fowler, Interbaden BV

  • Our company, NexGen RxMarketing, has been working with PolCode for over the past two years to build and maintain of large number of our client-facing website portals. Their excellent knowledge, great attention to detail and valued input regarding various custom functionality updates have aided in keeping our websites on track as we have grown our business. I feel confident in recommending PolCode’s professional web development services. They not only do excellent coding work, but they are also very easy to work with, and always willing to take the time to discuss the best approaches to website development.

    , Product Director
 at NexGen RxMarketing

  • Polcode is a very trustworthy business partner who understand your needs and concerns. They hava a broad team of highly skilled programmers and webdevelopers who can jalep you with all your needs. I believe this to be a great advantage. They are also reasonable priced and it is weasy to communicate directly with your programmer via Skype. I would therefore recommend Polcode for your Magento project.

    Hubert EN, Interbaden BV