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I recommend Symfony2

  Two weeks ago, we shared an article from one of our developers that made a case for the Laravel framework, winning our internal contest with entry tickets to the Laracon conference as the main prize. This time, we are equally proud to share another winning article, centered around the Symfony2 framework. It won another […]


I recommend Laravel

  How to convince a programmer, administrator, project manager and client to use Laravel? We asked our programmers these questions as part of our internal contest. Today we’re presenting a piece written by Michał, which earned him a place among this year’s winners. Internal contests with attractive prizes have become somewhat of a tradition at […]


Service and context

On one occasion, as part of a project for a client, I was tasked with building an API for our system from the ground up. A major part of it were methods that exported data to partner services – letting some of our information outside as a result. As is usually the case with APIs […]