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Luty 16 2017

How to be a more productive programmer?

I bet you’ve been there—you write code and then, snap, you encounter a problem that makes you feel discouraged and annoyed. You keep on working on the code, frustrated and clueless, knowing very well you’re not going to find a solution. Why aren’t you going to find it? Well, because of the [...]

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Styczeń 26 2017

How to Fix Overselling Issues in Magento

If your eCommerce store is based on Magento that is integrated with the ERP system, you have probably encountered the above problem before. The problem manifests itself when Magento allows the customer to create the order with a configurable product (e.g. a shoe model) without creating a simple [...]

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Grudzień 29 2016

Which should I learn – Angular 2 or React?

Angular 2 is becoming more and more popular with developers. On the other hand, React is a tool just about any front-end guy and gal is familiar with. Out of the many front-end frameworks available on the market, these two seem to be the most popular. Though, the question is, which one is [...]

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